Academic Advisor . . . Your Higher Education GPS

In looking back, one of the things that would have been great to know about during my college career is the great asset that academic advisors are to students.  Like it was stated in the title, advisors can be compared to global positioning systems for higher education because they can guide you through many of the decisions that you need to make during your college career, such as declaring a major, deciding which classes to take, and even what internships to pursue.  If you take one thing away from this article let it be the suggestion to contact and meet with your academic advisor as soon as you can.  Earlier and constant contact can allow you to successfully map your journey through your college career and ensure that all the classes that you take will prove beneficial to you during your professional career.

For incoming freshmen it would probably be a good idea to sit down with your advisor early during your first semester, or if at all possible during the summer before, to discuss your future plans and interests to try and develop a successful strategy.  Even graduate students should take advantage of their academic advisors to help decide about whether to focus on a specific concentration in your degree program or if a general degree in that program would be more beneficial to your future goals.

Academic advisors are usually people that have been where you are and may share some of the lessons that they have learned which could help you as you begin on the journey that they have already completed.  It is said that hindsight is 20/20 so if you have the opportunity to learn from someone else’s experience it may prove useful in decisions that you need to make.  Just look at this blog, it is a perfect example of this, many of the things that we talk about are things that we wish we knew when we were starting out and thought it might be nice to teach others some of the stuff we learned.  As always, we hope that this information is helpful in making your academic journey a little easier.