About Us

What is TIOME?

TIOME, which stands for the Talented Tenth of Minority Education, originally started as a concept to make it easier for exceptional minority students to not only apply to college but market themselves to institutions of higher education. While this is still a focus, our philosophy has evolved a little. The question shifted from how do we remove barriers for exceptional students to pursue higher education to the question of how do we remove the barriers to allow all students to become exceptional.  No one that has achieved greatness has done it alone, there has been at least one person along their journey that has helped. That someone who provided that insight, that connection, that push to keep you moving forward when you were beginning to lose faith. The tutor that helped make math understandable, the community program that taught you how to code, the pastor that instilled the importance of giving back, the bank officer that sat down with your parents to talk about saving for college, and the businessman that provided you with a scholarship. There are millions of other examples and these people exist in every community, it’s just that sometimes this is information is fragmented or community unknown to the many that would benefit. TIOME aims to be the “HUB” of student success, a place where not only barriers of accessing higher education will be addressed but where both parents and students will have access to the tools for overall success. The place that connects you to all the resources to help you achieve the greatness that each and every one has inside of them. So join us and help create a place that knows the importance of community, the value of collaboration, the belief that when people come together and assist the next generation in achieving success…that is how we can leave a legacy of greatness for years to come.