Conquering Math

One of my favorite subjects growing up was math, a fact that changed as soon as I reached college.  During my undergrad years it wasn’t that bad as my major required minimal math classes, but that was a completely different story once I began my graduate studies.  My very first class was statistics, which seemed like light years away from the college algebra classes that I had taken previously.  Expectedly, the class was pretty difficult in the beginning but I used these few tips to catch up:

  • Take good notes – I made sure to write down everything the professor wrote down, even if it didn’t make any sense to me.  By taking meticulous notes I could use them to ask either the professor, another student, or even a tutor for help in explaining to me how to do the work.
  • Ask questions – Don’t be afraid to ask questions because it is highly likely that you are not the only one confused.  Asking questions also allows the professor to give examples or explain the material in a much more understandable way.
  • Study groups – By far the most helpful method that allowed me to conquer all my math courses during grad school was study groups.  Very often it is easier to understand a topic when explained by a peer; and study groups are a great way to prepare for tests.  I highly recommend forming or joining study groups when possible.
  • Online resources – There a many different online tutoring sites that are now available, one of the more popular ones that I have been hearing about is Khan Academy . You can use google to find other sites that may be helpful.

Now I know that there are times that no matter what you try it just doesn’t click, believe me, I understand this happens.  All I can say is try these tips, don’t get discouraged, and try your best.

As always . . . good luck.


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