Developing Your College Road Map












We discussed in a previous article about how your academic advisor is like your GPS for higher education because they keep you on track to get through school.  This time we are going to talk a little about developing the plan that you will use your GPS to navigate.  Many students know that they want to go to college but have absolutely no idea what they may want to do when they finish.  If you are one of these people don’t worry, you are not alone.  We will take a look at developing this road map from two perspectives, those that know what they want to do and those that are still undecided.

For those of you that know exactly what you want to do, congratulations, this in itself is a huge accomplishment.  First piece of advice would be to take a look at some professionals in your chosen field and see what their educational background is composed of and, if possible, ask them about their degree and the classes they took.  Once you have obtained this information you can go to your academic advisor and develop a road map that you can use to reach your goal.

Now for those that have absolutely no idea what they want to do, this is not as bad as it sounds because it means your options are completely open for the moment.  Meeting with your academic advisor is also highly recommended but the meeting is likely to go a little differently.  The conversation will probably involve a lot of talk about fulfilling your general education requirements and working on your free electives to decide what you like and then focus on core classes after choosing a major.  What you could also do is get involved in campus activities because this is another great way to discover a field that you might be interested.

Either way, developing your road map in the beginning is beneficial as it will allow you to use your time efficiently.  Remember that your academic advisor is an asset, they could give you advice and help you make adjustments to your plan as needed, so keep them informed.

Good luck.

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