Education…changing the world

One of my favorite quotes is from Nelson Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  This is true because with the right knowledge and training there is truly no limit to the impact one can make on the world.  Considering the many changes going on throughout the country and the world I am wondering what we can do to address the potential reduction of many resources that are currently available to our youth. From projected budget cuts in the arts, early childhood education, and college preparatory services it looks like many of these resources may soon be fading away or increasingly more difficult for some communities to find.

A few years ago, we began discussing the idea to make it easier for students to access higher education opportunities by allowing students in underrepresented areas to get on the radar and market themselves to colleges that they may not ordinarily have the chance with which to connect. However, over time I have come across many organizations all over the country that are fantastic resources but usually are only discovered through word of mouth or only known in those local areas. These programs range from college prep, coding, financial literacy and life skills to mentoring and tutoring.

This got me thinking, as we become an increasingly digital society what we need is a “HUB,” a single destination where both students and parents can access information on a wealth of educational and developmental resources, both online and locally, that can help them prepare to change the world. Collaborating with school districts, communities, businesses, and leaders to ensure access to information/tools/resources no matter where they live is TIOME’s goal to be that “HUB.”  Will you join us?

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