Go to College or Enter the Workforce

We have already touched on the subject of beginning to think about college, but before moving forward there is another possible decision to make – choosing to go to college or enter the workforce.

Two key points to begin with.  First, we are in no way making the decision for you as everyone has different circumstances, we only hope to provide you with some things to think about.  Second, currently, unlike in the past, some form of higher education is imperative in order to obtain gainful employment.  What we mean is that many jobs require a college degree or, depending on the profession, at least professional certification.  Since we know that circumstances surrounding this decision vary for everyone we just want to make a couple general statements.

If you have decided to go to school full-time but still need or want to work, then visit your school’s Career Services Office or look at the school’s website.  You can find out about work-study positions right on campus or jobs available with nearby businesses.

On the flip side, if entering the workforce immediately is what is needed, there are many options available to you also.  You could take classes at your local community college or trade school when your schedule permits.  If you have to postpone your educational pursuits for a little while, another great option is to research the many higher education institutions that provide online courses and other credit-earning opportunities to help you work towards your degree.

Whatever your situation, there are usually options available; it will just take a little leg work on your part.

As always, good luck.

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