I Don’t Think I Want to Go to College, but I still want a good job.

There are a lot of people that know that they would like to pursue some form of higher education but believe that college may not be the right choice for them.  For these people taking a look at a trade or professional school may be a good alternative.

There are various trade schools specializing in various professions, from training to be a chef to learning how to record top musicians.  Two schools that I have heard about that offer various options are the Art Institute, which seems to have several locations, and Full Sail University, located in Florida, which seems to offer many entertainment and technology related opportunities.

In addition to these types of schools there are always schools that offer training in trades that are used everyday, such as plumber, electrician, auto mechanics, HVAC, etc.

So if you decide that college may not be the right choice for you, start looking at the many viable alternatives available to see what you may want to do for a living.

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