So You Are All Registered . . . Now You Need Books

Well, congratulations, you are all registered for your classes and now you need books.  First of all, be prepared, the cost of books can be quite a surprise.  I remember that one of my books for my first class cost almost $100 and I was thinking “Oh man, I still have three more classes that I need to buy books for.”  Through the years I got better at the book buying process and thought this would be a great time to pass on those lessons.

First, once you have registered for classes head to the school bookstore because with just the course number you are able to find out what books are needed.  Keep in mind there will be times when a class will require more than one book which makes this step even more important.  Your mission today is to find as many used books as possible because this will save you a considerable amount of money.  Although there will be instances when a new edition is released or the books change, which means you will have to pay the full price.

Second tip comes after having no or little luck in the school bookstore – head to the web.  The internet has various options available for textbooks with lower prices usually being the biggest marketing strategy.  Below find a list of some of these sites or you could always just punch in “buy textbooks” into any search engine for numerous results.

Third (this tip is more helpful for second semester freshmen and returning students), make friends.  If you know someone who took a class that you are going to take see if you can buy from or trade with them, or even borrow if that is an option.  Also, at the end of each semester many school bookstores have a book buy-back period.  If you know that a book is going to be used for the next semester you should consider buying it then after selling back yours, if it is possible, this is probably when the most used copies are available.

So good luck, and if you have any other tips you have learned let us know because one thing about college – the more information you have, the better you can prepare.

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