Study Habits

Now we are going to take a little time to discuss something that is extremely important for any student no matter what level you are at – study habits.

Studying is such an integral part of ensuring academic success that how you study becomes just as important.  I’d say the most vital tip I could give you is to take good notes.  One thing that I always found helpful was to take clear and concise notes during class.  For those times where I was forced to jot down a lot of notes I would go back and rewrite them . . . turned out to be a great way to commit a lot of information to memory.

Now although the taking good notes is an idea that is pretty much universally applicable to help with studying, you have to keep in mind that what may work for me might not work for you.  For instance, some people need complete silence, where as I need to have at least a little noise or it is too quiet.  Also, some people can cram the night before a test but I actually would study less as the test approached, studying intensely about a week before and just reviewing notes and topics at the last moment.

So as you can see there is no one size fits all approach to studying; you have to try different approaches and discover what works for you.  If you are having trouble I encourage you to visit your campus tutoring/learning center, join or form a study group, or even ask the professor for help.  Also, never be afraid to ask questions, because it is highly likely that you weren’t the only one thinking that.

So, as always . . . good luck.

Are there any study habits that have worked for you?

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