What Does It Mean to Major in . . . Communications?

One thing that many students tend to think about is what does it actually mean to major in a particular subject.  Well, first of all, most degrees have a standard amount of general education requirements that need to be fulfilled; in addition, you will have to take courses in your area of study or concentration.

The first degree we will take a look at is Communications.  Some of the areas of specialization with a Communications degree include interpersonal communications, journalism/public relations, media production, and in some schools theatre, just to name a few.  You can research what each major will allow you to do but I will talk a little about the media production concentration as that is what I studied to earn my Bachelor of Arts.

My media production classes consisted of courses in television production, audio production, video editing, and media writing.  These were some of my core classes and electives, so these were usually the ones that I actually wanted to go to because they dealt with what I was interested.  With my classmates I got to create everything from commercials to public service announcements and even worked on a quiz show that featured local high school students matching wits.

Everyone’s experience with these areas of concentration will vary.  I just say that if this is something to which you are truly interested, then try to find the best fit for you.  And just think, with a degree in Communications you could do anything from working on a news or television program to being in charge of public relations for a well-known company.

So good luck . . . and always remember that the sky is the limit and strive for the best.

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